5 Things you need to know about Cherry Picked Rewards 

cherry picked rewards

Cherry Picked Rewards, Jewson’s loyalty scheme for selected customers is coming back in 2024! 

We are offering incentives for pre-approved customers to reach a spending target from March to November of more than £35,000, with some brilliant prizes on offer – ranging from travel to far flung destinations, to the latest in tech, or cash equivalent shopping vouchers. 

You gave us some brilliant feedback following last year’s scheme, which saw a higher-than-expected increases in sales and through margin for registered customers.  

Of the 1,500 customers invited, more than 900 took part. And they told us they loved it. 

The brilliant positive feedback provided from our branch teams has helped drive the decision to bring back Cherry Picked this year.  

Going live this month, here are five things you need to know about Cherry Picked 2024… 

1/ The programme will run for nine months, from March to November.  

There’s no time to lose! Cherry Picked will start wrapping up in November, so that we can make good on the rewards and help ensure our qualifying customers have a great festive period. 

2/It’s all about loyalty 

Our Branch Managers will validate pre-selected customers. Cherry Picked has been designed to drive sales growth and support brand loyalty. We value each and every one of our customers, but Jewson’s Cherry Picked programme is not for everyone – this is about identifying and ensuring that our most loyal and big spending customers keep coming back through our doors. 

3/ The process is being streamlined 

Some of our customers who participated in Cherry Picked rewards in 2023 will be automatically registered for 2024 and we have continued to make improvements to the programme portal. This will make it easier for you to partner with customers and help make sure they are set up for success and on track to reach their end-of-year targets.  

4/ There are loads of rewards to choose from 

Our customers have told us which rewards they prefer, which is why there are now an incredible 90 to choose from, three per spending level.  

5/ Listen for your name being called… 

There is still a lot to tell you about, so there are a series of drop-in sessions being organised for Branch Managers. Keep an eye on your inbox!  

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact [email protected]. 

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