Celebrating International Women’s Day 2024


It’s International Women’s Day – a day when people around the world unite to celebrate the social, political, economic, and cultural achievements of women across the world and throughout history.  

We are thrilled to mark this important day by announcing a new partnership with Women into Construction (WiC) 

WiC has been championing gender equality in construction since 2012, partnering with key companies within the sector, to provide advice and guidance, training, work placements and jobs, to women interested in entering the construction industry. 

“We are thrilled to be recognised for our commitment to diversity and inclusion, by being awarded Silver membership with Women into Construction 2024; it is a significant milestone for our organisation,” said Helene Bradley, STARK UK Director of Communications.

“At STARK Building Materials UK, we believe in the importance of fostering a diverse working environment. Diversity underpins the strength of our culture and drives innovation and creativity.

“This achievement is recognition of our commitment to supporting women in construction and creating a more inclusive environment for both our colleagues and customers.” 

At STARK UK, we look to empower women at all work levels and, as a partner, we will work with WiC to help change the face of construction and normalise the position of women in the industry.  

More on International Women’s Day

Women make up 15% of the UK construction industry workforce, according to 2023 figures shared by the Federation of Master Builders, and STARK UK is committed to creating a more diverse workplace and inspiring the next generation of women into the industry. 

 There is a lot which we have already done, such as redesigning more gender inclusive workwear and introducing more part-time and flexible contracts, which are more supportive of working mothers. 

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Watch this video as Nim Cassidy, STARK UK General Counsel and company secretary, explains why we mark International Women’s Day and how businesses can promote more gender diversity. 

“In industries like ours, which have historically been male dominated, it is crucial to embrace diversity in all its forms and provide opportunities to be inclusive, enabling all individuals to thrive. As we look to attract a new generation into our organisation, having role models that also reflect the communities we serve is paramount to our success.

“I am proud be part of an organisation that values diversity and champions equal opportunities for all. As a leading builders’ merchant, STARK Building Materials UK is committed to challenging stereotypes and paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future,” added Helene.

Throughout this week we have featured the stories of some of the women who work with us, and our suppliers and customers. 

You can go to our Linkedin page to watch their videos and also read some more stories from some of our Group directors, branch managers, and sales advisors as featured on this page dedicated to International Women’s Day. 

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