Daily reporting changes to Tool Hire will save paper


Some great news on the sustainability front – a change in Tool Hire’s daily reporting is going to save 2.1 million sheets of printing paper a year.

From the beginning of May, Daily Reports will only run on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday – no more printing on weekends or bank holidays.

However, the reports continue to be an important

It’s following feedback given to the What Gets In The Way team that we produce too much paperwork in our Tool Hire operations and waste a lot of time sorting through it all.

Automatic printing of delivery notes, cash deposit refunds and re-hire receiving and returns notes will also stop.

Sabrina Passley, STARK UK’S Head of Sustainability, said “This is just brilliant, these are just the type of marginal gains that add to the bigger picture on sustainability, as we continue to reduce our environmental impact.”

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