Designing success: The 2024 Landscaping campaign


Before Spring has even sprung, the rollout out of this year’s Landscaping campaign has been a huge success.

And it’s all thanks to YOU – we listened to your feedback at the 2023 regional roadshows when you told us we had been too slow to start the landscaping season in previous years, often losing ground to our main competitors.

We used this valuable insight to help make landscaping even bigger and better in 2024.

That’s why, despite the relentless rainfall, this year we started the season in February!

YOU said customer confidence is the key to success and showing we can supply everything they need for their projects, so, WE asked you to rearrange your yards, making landscaping more visible and grouped by project.

We asked you to pile stock high and in full view, so our customers can see that we can supply in large quantities, if needed.

YOU also told us you wanted more POS support to create a bit of theatre and show the range on offer, so WE created a new POS pack to enable better communication with customers. We also focused on driving more customers into branches.

And boy did you deliver, with some brilliant and creative use of your space. Check out the pictures…


Steve MacDavid, Category Director, said; “It’s been fantastic to see the progress we’ve made, and the brilliant pictures on social media show how proud we are of what has been achieved.

“We must now focus on availability, stock depth, marketing materials and ensuring we have delivered the layout. Then, we can confidently engage customers and win their landscaping business!”

We’ve loved seeing how you’re pushing landscaping in your branches, as we aim for our best landscaping season yet. Now, if only we can magic up a little sunshine…

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