Insulation range review


Insulation offers a huge growth opportunity for us in 2024.

In 2023, we saw £3.8m of sales across 2x Recticel and Celotex SKUs (a 294% increase on 2022) from just 54 branches, who locally ranged the products.

So, for 2024, we are adding these two SKUs to the core range alongside PIR in all English branches, which can be ordered alongside standard PIR as long as you order 1 pallet as a minimum.

An information pack – which shows you the opportunity for your branch depending on whether you are a Recticel or Celotex stockist, can be viewed here.

This document also gives details of the product and headline customer/usage details/spec, along with a current heatmap provided on key locations but opportunities across England under the Part L changes.

If we can achieve half the growth we saw across the 54 branches last year across all of the English branches, we could see circa £2m in incremental sales.

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