IT Survey is there to ‘help us, help you’

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“Is everything ok with your meal?” 

We all get the same question every time we go out for dinner (well, at least we should…) 

It tells us customer feedback is important. Whether you’re eating a pizza or serving a customer in one of our branches – its valuable to know what we’re doing right – or where we could make improvements. Our IT team are no different. 

That’s why they’re making a fresh appeal for colleagues to take the short survey available following the successful resolution of an IT ticket. If they don’t get your feedback, it’s tricky to know what they need to focus on in future.  

“It’s a simple as we can make it – five faces from a smiling green to a red sad face,” says Tom Veale, Director of IT Services. 

“All of us have spoken to colleagues who have left us some negative feedback or comments around things that haven’t been completed to their satisfaction, to understand more about it, and maybe do something different next time.” 

Ijaz Ashraf, Head of Service Operations, adds:” We also had a few comments where people have been surprised, but in a positive way that, we are actually reading comments.” 

Some of the changes which the team have put into place following feedback is to pick up the phone and call users about their experiences and have a conversation, rather than just sending an email.  

Chris Mannion, IT Service Desk Manager, adds: “One of the bits of feedback that we did look at was around end users struggling to find updates on their own tickets.  

“So, we created a knowledge-based article on how to find your ticket but complimenting that with an actual short video to cater for all types of learners.” 

The team are now looking at incentivising the survey with a monthly prize draw. They have also added a lot of new resource pages to their intranet site, designed to improve efficiency. 

“It’s helping us to help them,” adds Chris. “I think that’s what this is all about really. We’re asking them to help us to fill in the survey so that we can help them improve the standard of service.” 

So, the message is – next time you message contact the IT Service Desk with an issue you need fixing, and they go above and beyond to help, please share that all important feedback with them. 

Just don’t expect them to cook anything for you. 

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