Pockets of brilliance: Jewson Woking tips for success


“We have these little pockets of excellence, but how do we nurture and how do we bring love to all of our colleagues?”

Woking Branch Manager Domi Scrivener has been a part of the Jewson family for almost 20 years and typifies one of those pockets of brilliance.

In 2023, she was named Branch Manager of the Year at the On The Tools Awards and her branch has seen an uplift in sales since she arrived on the scene two years ago..

A passionate advocate for her people and for the sharing of best practice among colleagues, Domi says the branch’s success lies in its team spirit.

“[Our business] is about people. Every store is different but it’s all about having people around that can support you, to help you to get there.”

According to Domi,” we don’t celebrate success enough.”

“The more I share with people, the more colleagues buy-in because they are aiming for similar targets.

There is, she adds, always room for improvement.

“During times when competition is fierce, how do we stand out from the competition?”

The answer she says, lies in customer experience, going that extra mile to make sure every customer has a positive dealing with Jewson.

Domi played a starring role at the Jewson’s roadshow in Birmingham in December, taking part in a live panel discussion around our core values of decency, pride, and passion and sharing how they impact her day-to-day work and her attitude towards success.

She told Stark UK News, the new Trust in Better strategy, and one of its priorities being a renewed focus on supporting branch teams resonates with her:

“Trust in Better means that I’ve got effective communication to share with colleagues to help them understand the strategy. Not just what it means to an individual, but what it means to the team and how will it make us all better, understanding the focus areas, and breaking through together.

“I think I’m most excited about seeing the branch of the future, and learning what the experience of the European Stark branches can bring into the UK, and how we can grow as a company.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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