Pockets of brilliance: The Rushden crew


The brilliant team at the Jewson Rushden branch in Northamptonshire have seen incredible results since the arrival of Branch Manager Kai Goodchild a little under two years ago. 

At a time when the company is setting a laser-like focus on growing live accounts, Kai and his team have delivered a 30% increase in credit accounts. 

The Rushden crew and their day -to-day hustling for new business were singled out for praise by Regional Director Mark Bocking at the London and Southeast Roadshow in January. 

The not-so-secret secret to keeping customers coming through the door, says Kai, is simply doing exactly what you say you are going to do. 

“We had a lot of work to do to get back into the local market. Previously, promises were made that were not kept and that upset a lot of customers. So, the team here have done a cracking job of getting back out into local market, building the trust back to give us a strong customer base.” 

And it’s those efforts to empower his entire team to find new business, which has also been key to the branch’s ongoing success. 

“From John and Michelle in the office, to the yard team – Jason and Henry – and to Dom – our driver – bringing leads back when he’s out in the truck. I’m so proud of the guys for what they’ve achieved to get people back through the door. That’s just testament to their character and them asking customers the right questions. 

“We had a cracking year last year and that was down to them being proactive, we’ve got a lot of customers here through word of mouth as well from other builders.” 

Honesty and persistence, says Kai, go a long way to building that trust with customers, even if there’s an order which they may struggle to fulfil. 

“If we can do it, we’ll do it. And if we can’t? We’re honest with customers and say we can’t, but there may still be a way we can help.” 

“If a customer rings and asks for something we don’t have, we’ll say we haven’t got them here. But give us a half hour and we’ll get back to you. So, you keep the conversation going.” 

“My team always make sure they’re always asking an open question rather than a closed question. If they see someone in branch, they will ask what projects they have on, what’s next, what’s around the corner. And then you open a new conversation. “ 

Putting that positive mindset into action, the focus for 2024 continues to be growth for Kai and the Rushden branch.  

Regional Director Mark Bocking says Kai and his team’s persistence when it comes to knocking on the doors of new customers has been a game changer: “The way Kai and the whole Rushden team have made it their mission to increase their live accounts has been inspiring to see, any hint of an opportunity for new business and they don’t stop until they’ve converted it into an order or a new credit account.” 

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