Pushing up to beat cancer


What’s the magic number of daily press ups needed to keep you looking beach body ready this summer? 

Bobby Mackie from our IT team is aiming for 100 a day, only it’s not just to get the Chris Hemsworth jacked-up Thor look – he’s doing it to raise money for charity. 

Bobby is taking part in the 100 push ups a day challenge throughout April, to raise cash for Cancer Research UK. 

It’s a charity that’s very close to his heart, having lost both parents to the disease. 

“It’s a personal connection for me, both my parents died of bowel cancer, my grandmother had skin cancer and my uncle died a couple of years ago from cancer.” 

As someone who regularly donated to Cancer Research UK, he was approached by the charity and asked whether he would consider the push up challenge to help raise funds. 

“It’s been a challenging 5-6 months throughout separation, taking a lot of energy. Alongside the raising of money for the charity, I thought about my own physical wellbeing and so I was like, ‘Yeah, I want to go for it’.” 

His colleagues have been supportive, if a little surprised at his challenge. 

“They asked if I was daft,” he laughed. “But they’ve been really positive and have been sponsoring me and offering their best wishes.” 

As for a push-up gameplan, he’s been building up over the past few weeks. 

“I started doing it in 10s, then it was 15. I’m now getting to about 20 or 25 in one go. What I’m trying to do is two or three batches throughout the day and that will get me to the hundred.” 

Bobby’s aiming to raise £500 and you can donate by visiting his giving page at Cancer Research UK. 

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