Saint-Gobain Own Brands clearance focus

own brand

As you know now that we are part of the Stark Family we need to exit the Saint-Gobain Own Brands . Legally we are not allowed to sell these brands from the end of this year – and by exiting these brands it also means we can bring in the much stronger new STARK UK Own Brands.

We will be exiting the following brands by the end of this year so that we are not stuck with them in stock.

NOVIPRO                               ULTIPRO                       ALTECH                        ALTERNA

From June this year we will  introduce our own brand range which consists of:

own brand

The new brands promise to offer high-quality products for trade, ensuring great margins for your branch. However, to accommodate these new brands, we must phase out the Saint-Gobain brands.

While we’ve been selling the old brands, it’s time to ramp up sales to clear out the inventory and position ourselves for the future. To achieve this, the UK Exec has decided to intensify efforts to sell off the remaining products:

  • From Tuesday 14th May a further 350 products have had their prices cut to help us drives sales. With the previous price cuts that have been made ALL the clearance products are now at very very competitive prices ie 50% off Novipro Screws.
  • The price cuts are effective from Tuesday 14th You will receive clearance shelf edge labels for all these price cuts and you should already have labels for the previous price cuts – such as the screws.
  • Branches will receive Clearance Stickers that you can use if you are pulling the product out of range and creating a clearance zone in your branch for the products.
  • Branches were supplied Clearance Generic POS that you can use to highlight any areas where you have clearance product on shelf or if you are creating a clearance zone.
  • Branches can order more of the clearance stickers or clearance labels through PIXELGO using the link below: Don’t forget to order your POS through PixelGo | STARK UK (
  • Please use the clearance labels, the clearance stickers, the clearance POS to get the Saint-Gobain clearance products out in front of customers however you think is best in your branch. We must get rid of this stock because not only will it free up ranges to bring in the better own brand lines, from the end of this year we are not legally allowed to sell it and so will be stuck with anything we have not sold by then.
  • We have created a new stock report which shows exactly what your branch / your region has in stock that we need to clear. This will be updated every Monday so that you can see what you have sold and what you have left.
  • The UK exec has agreed that we push out the stock in the warehouse of the old Saint-Gobain Brands so that you know what you need to get rid of in your branch and after that you won’t get any more. It will take 3-4 weeks for this stock to move out but once you get it then you know won’t get any more.

Novipro Screws

  • One of the highest levels of clearance stock we have are the Novipro Screws. We have a fantastic range of new Ultimate and Raptor screws ready to launch in July but we need to sell through the Novipro screws in order to launch these ranges.
  • The Novipro screws are already included in the Saint-Gobain Own Brand Clearance campaign and will be included in the new stock report.
  • The prices have been cut by up to 50% so are fantastic prices for the customer and still make 45% margin.
  • The screws will also be pushed out to your branch in 3-4 weeks time – but once you get this big delivery you won’t get any more. The screws will still be replenished over the next 3-4 weeks but then there will be one last big delivery and then no more will be sent out.

Let’s rally behind these Own Brand clearance lines to pave the way for exciting new ranges that promise to boost both sales and cash profits for our branches.

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