STARK UK values in action during collapsed wall emergency


Taking an opportunity to lend a hand and go the extra mile for customers is something that is woven into the very fabric of our businesses at STARK UK.

That proactive mindset was front and foremost in Evesham sales exec Phil Jarrard’s mind when he was called a few weeks ago by a Jewson customer who was in dire straits following the failure of a retaining wall, which had spilled out earth and rocks into a nearby housing development.

The customer needed 100-200 bulk bags to shore up the remaining wall’s defences.

“I got the call on the Friday,” Phil remembers.

“There were properties in front of the wall and the worry was, that because there was so much moisture and clay, it would continue to slide, So, we moved bulk bags over to the site from the local branches, in Walsall, Rowley Regis and Aston.”

By Saturday, more bags were needed so Phil – who is a former truck driver – leapt into action and travelled the 60-mile round trip to Rowley Regis, the nearest branch, to drive more bags to the site of the collapse.

“The local branches stepped into action, going above and beyond,” says Phil. “The Rowley Regis BM Stuart Williams and Matt the yard foreman kept the branch open after hours so more loads of bulk bags could be delivered before closing, to try and make sure it was safe for residents and to stop more earth movement.”

The work carried on Monday and Tuesday until delivery of all the bulk bags wall was complete.

“It was about just getting the customer out of a sticky situation, I would have done it for anybody,” adds Phil.

The customer was incredibly grateful for the help and Phil’s resourcefulness was a demonstration of the STARK UK values of Decency, Passion, and Pride in action.

“When you get a call like that and have the chance to help, it’s just something that you just don’t even think about. You just do it,” says Phil modestly.

“It was around 5.30 when I got home on the Saturday, and I was cream-crackered. But at the end of the day, it’s got to be done.”

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