Sustainability training ‘will help us support customers’

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Sustainability, according to STARK Group, is an integral part of our company strategy and the reality is that it is going to be more and more important to our business as tighter building regulations come into play and homeowners continue to educate themselves on lower footprint alternatives to traditional building materials. 

Greenwashing, biodiversity, circularity, they can all sound a bit confusing, right?  

It is time, said STARK UK’s new Head of Sustainability Sabrina Passley, to make sure that everyone understands, at least the basics -and that’s the thinking behind some new training being extended to everyone – from the STARK exec board to colleagues on the branch floor.  

“It’s very high level and easy to follow – we want them to come away feeling like they know more about new building regulations, they know more about our Sustainability Roadmap, and it would be great if they feel like they know what something like greenwashing is. 

“There are loads of claims around what people say they can do in relation to their businesses and the environment but it’s important that we back what we say we can do.” 

Branch managers Gary Anderson and Graham Boote have both taken the first module and say that it gave them new insights into sustainability. 

“For me, it’s obviously about reducing waste, reducing costs and making the environment a safer place to be for our children, for the future,” said Graham. 

“When I started the course, my eyes were opened up to be honest with you, it’s not something that we’ve done very well,” added Gary. 

While both BM’s said the training was a decent starting point for them, they agreed branches need to be supported on their sustainability journeys. 

“If we’re going to do it, we need the help, with guidance for recycling and things like that. It does come down to cost sometimes, but at the end of the day, if we’re going to do it, we really need to get behind it and do it right.” 

Training module 1 will be available on eloomi on 15 April 2024 with modules 2-8, which offer a deeper dive into sustainability already rolled out to Sustainability ambassadors, which will also be available on eloomi for all collages that are interested in learning more.  

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As part of STARK Group, we are committed to reaching net zero emissions by 2050 and are continuing to promote more eco-friendly products from our Making Better Homes range. 

And that’s where our Sustainability ambassadors will come in – those who complete all the modules and are presented with certification acknowledging their learning.  

There are around 33 presently but Sabrina says she hopes that someday we will have one in every single branch – trained to offer advice and guidance on our low footprint and renewable products. 

“I’m incredibly excited about this, it touches my heart,” said Sabrina. ”When we think of our customers being able to come into branch and we have ambassadors there who are in the know in relation to the products, systems and solutions that we can offer from our Making Better Homes range, it means then that we can give our customers the best guidance and support.” 

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With modules on ventilation, energy saving solutions, heat pumps, water conservation and flood defence – the courses have been designed to ensure that we are not only offering advice to our customers on staying on the right side of building regulations, but we are also helping them future-proof building as we continue to see extreme weather patterns across the county. 

“We have a part to play in ensuring healthier buildings in relation to the air that’s coming into those buildings, comfortable buildings keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and also considering things like acoustic properties within the building as well,” said Sabrina. 

It’s early days she admitted but added there is a great opportunity to create a network of colleagues passionate about sustainability. 

“I’m incredibly excited because, you know, having our teams in branches, being able to be there to support our customers on this sustainability journey, it’s a long road and we’re continuing to move forward.” 

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