Take advantage of your discount site – Use WorkPerks

workperks 2

Since WorkPerks launched in September 2023, you have spent £419.1k through the platform, saving £25.9k through discount codes, cashback and instant vouchers!

Whether you want to save on groceries, dining out, fashion, holidays, homewares or tech, there’s a discount for you. Check your discounts before you make any purchase to make sure you save money.

You can ensure you don’t miss out on discounts by getting offers and the latest deals sent straight to your inbox. Currently only 154 of us have email notifications switched on. That means 7658 of us could be missing out!

Here’s how:

· Log into WorkPerks

· Click on the ‘Account’ button

· Go to ‘Account Settings’ in the ‘Communication Preference’s section, toggle the ‘Weekly top discount offers and special promotions’ button to ‘on’.

If you have any questions about WorkPerks, please reach out to: [email protected] who are more than happy to help.

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