Trust in Better Regional Roadshows kick-start 2024


Nine live events, more than 1,200 engaged colleagues across five regions, with more than 40 hours of focused presentations and lively discussions about how we will deliver our Trust in Better strategy in 2024.

The STARK UK Regional Roadshows that started in January have been a tremendous success, uniting colleagues from across the business in a shared understanding of what we all need to do to keep Jewson and our specialist brands on the right road to being customers’ number one choice.

Branch and support function teams are now getting ready to engage their teams in the key messages from the roadshows, to make sure everyone is involved in driving the company forward.

The number one message delivered from CEO John Carter – who has presented and inspired colleagues at every one of the live events – was simple: “We now need to focus on growing our business and the best way to achieve that is to grow the number of live customer accounts with whom we are trading.

“We are good,” he added, “but we want to be great.”


Simply stated, this is a numbers game. While John acknowledged that the global pandemic and cost of living crisis has made the market tough in recent years, he reinforced the family of STARK UK brands is well-positioned and primed for growth.

With branch managers and their teams at the heart of our business, it is up to every person to bring the best of ourselves, support each other and deliver success.

“We will win or lose on the back of our branch managers’ success,” said John.

Chief Strategy Officer Ian Goldsmith delivered a compelling update on the progress we are making in delivering the Trust in Better strategy.

The strategy, “a simple one that everyone can understand“, he told colleagues up and down the country, was to give branches “more autonomy, but also more accountability.”

Following years of underinvestment, there is a renewed focus on our customer-facing teams and the branch infrastructure.

The organisational structure has been simplified, with clear line of reporting from branch managers to regional directors, through to regional managing directors. Each of the Jewson Regional Managing Directors introduced their leadership teams, and you can find out which branch reports into which region.

The leadership teams reinforced their pledge that branch managers now have control of their own shop floors with clearer guidance around price breaks and with the help of digital tools, like the newly-launched Branch Manager Manual.

Being part of STARK Group comes a slate of benefits. As part of the biggest builders’ merchant in Europe, sourcing power has dramatically increased with an increased availability of products to support an end-to-end value proposition.


With investment set aside for branches, there is a real opportunity to increase SKUs from an average of 2,000-3,000 per branch up to an incredible 9,000+ in our larger branches, bringing Jewson up to the level of its European cousins. Chief Commercial Officer Mark Esling brought to life the exciting new Own Brand categories that are on their way to the UK business, and how he has updated his leadership team structure to be sales and operations focused.

You can find out more about how the Category team is structured.

The sharing of successes and best practices was also a key ingredient at the roadshows and many colleagues took to the stage to share their thoughts on the STARK UK values of Decency, Passion and Pride, and what the Trust in Better strategy means to them.

Now is the time, said John “to pull together and work as a team,” delivering a strategy, which “at its heart, is about attracting, retaining, and growing new customers.”

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