Business Change Partnership Ambassadors

You can find out more about the Business Change Partnerships Ambassadors here.


Name Brand BCP Region Email
Alison Oram Jewson East [email protected]
Maxine Heynes Jewson South West [email protected]
Lynne Campbell International Timber National [email protected]
Clare Keelan Jewson West [email protected]
Mhairi Ashford Jewson Scotland & the North [email protected]
Nicola Peacock LMG South East [email protected]
Adam Darlington STARK UK Central Services Binley [email protected]
Katie Kennedy Jewson Binley [email protected]
Hanna Jones Jewson Business Controls [email protected]
Emily Smith Digital Centre Newbury [email protected]
Claire Wardle Jewson Binley [email protected]
Christine Tatnall Jewson SCS [email protected]
Chris Moore Jewson SCS [email protected]
Charlie Warner Build Aviator Build Aviator [email protected]
Andrew Young Jewson SCS [email protected]
Gary Warren Jewson South East [email protected]
Ian Wright Jewson South East [email protected]
Tracy Jones Jewson West [email protected]
Alex Switala Jewson East [email protected]
Elaine Mullins Jewson Inventory [email protected]
Drew Fleming Jewson Scotland & the North [email protected]
Campbell Crawford Jewson Scotland & the North [email protected]
Tigran Harutyunyan Jewson London [email protected]